Infrared Laser Thermometers

Our site is geared toward the use of infrared lasers within automobiles and the ever-growing technology behind them. However, it is important to mention the other many great uses of infrared lasers that help in many different professions throughout the world. Taking plumbing for example, did you know that infrared laser thermometers are used to help detect leaks so as not to have to completely destroy a wall or structure while searching where the leak begins.

Use Infrared Laser Thermometers To Detect Leaks

Yep, that’s right! In the past, before the use of infrared laser thermometers, you had to tear up flooring, or remodel your kitchen or bathroom just to find the leak! Experts like those at Hahn Plumbing & Heating utilize infrared laser thermometers to detect leaks and help to save their customers a good chunk of money on unneeded renovation or flooring repairs. So how do infrared laser thermometers work? Basically infrared laser thermometer technology works somewhat like a radar gun. You aim the thermometer at a spot where you suspect a leak might be and a small laser is emitted that will target your desired reading spot. The laser then turns colors depending on the temperature of the spot it is aimed at.

  • Blue Laser- A blue laser means that the spot you are targeting is showing cooler temperatures than its surrounding area.
  • Red Laser- A red laser means that the spot you are aiming at is warmer than its surrounding area.
  • Green/Neutral- If you detect a green or neutral light than the area you are aiming at is of room temperature

It is important that the infrared thermometer is calibrated to the room temperature before trying to distinguish a leak. You should always start at the point where you find the water coming from or where you may suspect the leak to be. Once the red or blue light disappears you will have found the spot where you leak beings. It is also important to mention that when utilizing an infrared laser thermometer it is best to stand a few feet from the wall and place the thermometer a few feet from the floor to get the best and most accurate reading.

Infrared laser technology is incredible when it comes to what it can achieve. As we continue to grow technologically advanced we will also see greater leaps in just what infrared laser technology is capable of.