Infrared Lasers in Today’s World 

Infrared light is all around you, although you don’t see it because it is apart of the invisible wavelengths of light like much electromagnetic radiation is. However, you can feel infrared lasers as heat. That warm feeling when you step out into the sun or sit by a campfire is just infrared heat coming in contact with your skin. And scientists have many surprising uses for this type of light.

Infrared light Many Uses:

Remote Controls
From your TV remote to your game controller, both use infrared light to sendinfrared-light-uses messages to the console so that your button pushes can be registered correctly. In fact, you can take your smartphone and aim it at the top of your remote and take a picture while you’re holding down a remote button. IN the picture you should see dots of light coming out, that’s infrared light!

  • Cancer Treatment

While this is highly experimental and not fully proven, there have been promising studies that the heat from the infrared lights, when aimed at the tumor, heats the cancerous cells to a point that it kills them.


Law enforcement has mostly replaced their old radar systems with LIDAR systems. It stands for light detection and ranging. And it works on the same principles as radar. It sends out a beam of infrared light instead of radio waves to find the speed of the car. The benefit of LIDAR is that it is far more precise and accurate. 

  • Night Vision

infrared-lampThere are two main versions of night vision. The one we are concerned with is often referred to as thermal imaging. Humans and other mammals often emit infrared light due to the fact that they are warm-blooded. Thermal imaging is able to show anything that is emitting heat during the dark night.

The military also utilizes infrared light for many instruments they use within their field. In fact, Infrared light is used so much more than we realize in everyday life. With the use of infrared light in self-driving cars, we are gaining a better understanding of just what this light can do and how beneficial it is to life.